Feel the comfort of bespoke products

At Kenger Furniture we feel that customization is a very broad concept. Custom-made furniture is not only providing a table a size bigger or smaller. Our vision: meeting your needs to the finest detail, fitting your space and fulfilling your need for storage space or your appliances. All this complemented by good advice and excellent service; that is what we mean by custom.

Kenger Furniture makes your furniture exclusively based on your preferences. Within minutes, we will work with you on a perspective sketch, based on your needs. Followed by a good consultation, your dream furniture will be manufactured in our own furniture workshop. The shortest route and the best quality for an exclusive interior, which you will enjoy for years.

For example; because your furniture will be completely custom made, we can take the appliances you want in your cabinets into account. We can also consider the room where the furniture should be placed. You can specify all the details you desire, so we can manufacture a unique product, especially made for you.

With custom made design, having your own furniture workshop is essential. No external factory can match this combination. Because of this we can keep delivery times short and can immediately jump into changes and invite you as a customer, to check the progress, during production.

In short we do everything to turn your custom request in to a top product. At Kenger, we feel this only natural.

Please call, or send us an email for more information or for your very own Perspective Sketch by Kenger Design. We will provide you with a nice cup of coffee, good advice and the best way to your dream furniture.